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I promise I won’t use the phrases “boss babe” or “lifeblood of the plant” or “chemical free” (literally everything in this universe is made of chemicals) during this post, so if you’ve ever shied away from learning about essential oils because of those cringey terms, then please keep reading. Ha.

To start, let’s verrry briefly chat about essential oils. It’s just a bit of a shame when any type of possibly healthy modality is beat to death (ex. Keto diet, CBD oil, HIIT, whatever), because the truth is somewhere in between the crazies and the skeptics. Essential oils will not cure everything or solve every problem, paleeeease know that. They will, however, offer an alternative way to help you become your healthiest self and run your healthiest happiest home (if used safely and correctly). I have personally loved using them to help with sleep support, immune support, skin support, emotional and cognitive support, non-toxic home cleaning, and to just make my house smell good. They have been used around the world for centuries for many of these purposes, so they In short, essential oils are highly concentrated and effective chemical compounds extracted from plant material using methods such as steam distillation, CO2 extraction, or cold pressing methods. Trees, flowers, fruits, herbs, you name it. Each plant has different compounds in the forms of neurotransmitters, hormones and growth factors, and other phytochemicals that interact with the environment around them differently and therefore have different uses for our bodies.

It’s coming up on 2 years since I’ve been using essential oils. I’m a bit impulsive so I just started buying oils I found at TJ Maxx or Walmart, didn’t exactly love them but thought they were alright, and didn’t use them effectively or frequently until I was introduced to a certain company by my sister-in-law. Now, I will preface this and say there is not only one acceptable brand to use. But please do your research and don’t buy the crappy ones you find at the store even though they say they’re “100% natural” or “therapeutic” – these are so very often filled with synthetics, alcohols, and harmful mineral oils. I settled on Young Living because of their affordable and all-encompassing Premium Starter Kit and their commitment to the highest quality oils. This company owns a lot of the farms that they distill from, has organic, pesticide-free products that they ensure the highest quality of from start to finish in their “Seed to Seal” program, performs multiple third-party laboratory tests, and simply has the best smelling oils. Seriously, do what you want. There’s not one right answer for everybody. But read below if you’re wanting to learn more about the (probably best) way to get started.

The Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is the most common way that people get…well…started. And for good reason! For such high quality oils, it’s really a fair fair price. You get an awesome diffuser, 12 of the best oils (which we’ll talk about below), and several samples (like of the Thieves Household Cleaner; it’s all we use on our countertops and in our bathroom and we love how simple it is to have one product). The PSK also buys you a “membership” – this does not mean you have to buy a minimal amount of product per month or ever ever sell product. It just means that if you want to buy anything in the future, you will get that at wholesale pricing, which is a 24% discount, and that you have access to a great team and so many resources. The suggested retail value of the PSK is something like $350, but you get it for $165. Cool. So. Let’s run through this pretty little thing you can get coming yo way any day.

As I said, the kit comes with either the Desert Mist Diffuser (more light/color and timing options), or the Dewdrop Diffuser (super simple and clean looking). You can upgrade to a fancy schmancy beautiful Aria diffuser too if you’d like.

Next, let’s talk about the oils. It’s generally accepted that there are 3 ways to use essential oils: aromatically, topically, and internally. Aromatically means liiiike aromatherapy – diffusing oils, sniffing them straight from the bottle, using a reed diffuser in the bottle, etc. Topically means applying them to your skin and body – in a diluted ratio for some/most oils since they are so concentrated. Internally means ingesting them, often in a capsule form. Here’s where I want to be honest with you. I don’t feel 100% comfortable with this last option. I did use it last fall and winter a ton since I work in a germ-filled hospital, and to be fair, it worked super well. I only got sick once or twice despite being around the flu non-stop, and each bout lasted less than a day. So, yes…it works and kills germs and all that jazz. But I just personally think essential oils are too concentrated and strong too consume regularly as they can also kill good bacteria in your gut. Just my opinion! Below, I’ve divided the 12 oils that you get in the PSK into a couple different categories, but know that each oil has several different uses that can overlap.

skincare & sleep

Okay honestly, if I had to choose just two oils, it would be these two. Lavender and frankincense can be used for almost anything. They’re especially wonderful for adding into skincare products (diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, etc.), hair/eyelash growth, and to take care of any injury to the skin that has already occurred. But I just as often use both to fall asleep at night. My poor husband. Like I flail. It used to be terrible, but since using these, I sleep sooo much better. Still not perfect. But pretty dang good for the most part. And I’m a nicer human because of it.

home & cleaning

Thieves might be #3 on my list. I don’t know – I really love and like them all. But thieves is a blend of cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, clove, and rosemary. It’s an especially yummy scent to use during this fall and winter season coming up. I roll this on the bottoms of my feet, along my spine, or under my chin almost daily for immune support. I diffuse it at work and at home. I have ingested it in the past as I said. I use it to clean with all the time. It’s just a really strong dude. Then lemon is the happiest. It’s so fresh guys. Add lemon to any other oil and it just takes it up a notch. Also great for cleaning and degreasing and making your house feel super purified. Citrus fresh is similar! It’s a mixture of a couple citrus oils and spearmint, so it makes any room smell clean. I like to add several drops to my thieves cleaner to brighten it a bit. Everything in your home, from cleaning products to makeup to body care products to candles contain so many harmful chemicals that can mess with your hormones or cause headaches so these are just a few ways that you can switch to a healthier option.

good smells & emotional support

Yalllll….Valor. It smells incredibly yummy and rich and comforting and slightly sweet and woodsy and just perfect. Man. Valor has blue tansy in it so be careful where you apply it! As the name implies, Valor makes you feel grounded and courageous and just like you can take a deep breath of it and conquer any situation. Like tackling a challenging ski run or going into work when you’re just dreading it. Peace & calming smells a little more sweet and a little more hippie due to the patchouli. I’m not one yet but mamas love to diffuse this in their children’s rooms to help them chill out and rest! Then Stress Away is lime-y and vanilla-y and smells like you’re laying on a beach with a margarita in your hand. The cool part about this one is you can diffuse it day or night and feel more relaxed.

health & wellness

Lastly, we have some oils that are commonly used to help your bod feel it’s best. Digize is most often applied to the tummy area to combat feelings of nausea, bloating, and digestive distress. Some people like the smell but I do not but ya just suck it up. Raven is an excellent oil for respiratory support due to eucalyptus in it. I love to put a drop or two in a gob of coconut oil and rub it on my chest or throat when I feel congested, to make a steam party over a pot of hot water with a towel, or drop some in a bath. Panaway is known as a healthier alternative to Icy Hot and it truly does bring the coolest cooling sensation. I love this for massages, especially on my neck and trap areas after a hard workout. Then peppermint is pretty versatile! It’s good for energy and for soothing your head if you apply it on your temples or behind your ears and can also be diffused to bring a good clean feeling to your home.

Then to round it out, you get a Thieves Household Cleaner sample (which, when diluted appropriately will fill an entire spray bottle), a Thieves hand sanitizer, a packet of Ningxia red (an antioxidant drink based on the wolf berry or goji berry), and 2 roller bottle tops that be placed on the top of any of the 12 oils to apply topically.

So now, please read this next part. I know it sounds sale-sy. But it’s just a really good opportunity. $165 may seem like a large upfront commitment, but truly is not that much when you consider how much help and use you can get out of this kit. Hundreds of uses. 90 drops of effective oil in each bottle. As much education and support you can ask for to use them properly. PLUSSS if you choose to get your kit through the end of this month (September), you will get a free bar of Charcoal soap and a goodie bag from me. Plus plus……if you are interested in sharing already and have two other peeps you know who may be interested, you will get a freaking $90 bottle of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil for FREE – thick and dreamy and grounding and perfect for skincare, plus more than half of your PSK paid for. Unreal deal y’all.

Again, I want to share this world of essential oils by being honest and not too aggressive and giving my own personal accounts of how they have helped me without saying “they’re the savior of my life and can do anything!”. They’re so very useful as an addition to a healthy lifestyle of eating lots of nutrient-rich food, getting some exercise, being around loved ones and laughing, and spending some time in the sun with your barefoot feet in the grass. So yeah. Please ask any questions or express any interest below. Or email me at . I’m happy to help ya. My member ID# is 18529759 (when it asks if you were referred by somebody, you enter that number in the enroller and sponsor spots) and if you use that I truly appreciate it and would love to get chatting!

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