About Us

We are the Tates. Tim and Molly to be exact. And we think it’s a great life. Or a Tate life. Too much?

We met in school in Charleston, SC and bonded over beach time. Once we graduated, we heard those mountains calling and headed out to Colorado Springs, CO. Here we found jobs as physical therapists in a hospital and are navigating our way towards our 30’s (when did that happen??). I like his incredible facial hair, the wrinkly lines around his eyes, and his simplicity. He likes my blue eyes, my butt, and my exuberance. Together we like good food, good laughs, our dog, and watching all 8 Harry Potter movies between Halloween and New Years.

I (Molly) will be doing most of the posting and it will include some of our favorite things! These include:

-outdoor adventures and travel

-health, fitness, and wellness

-pursuing a comfy, minimalist, purposeful, and beautiful home

-giving gratitude to our Creator God and asking for his energy and Spirit to help us live free and grace-filled lives

Thanks so much for stopping by!