Start your natural wellness journey

I promise I won’t use the phrases “boss babe” or “lifeblood of the plant” or “chemical free” (literally everything in this universe is made of chemicals) during this post, so if you’ve ever shied away from learning about essential oils because of those cringey terms, then please keep reading. Ha.

To start, let’s verrry briefly chat about essential oils. It’s just a bit of a shame when any type of possibly healthy modality is beat to death (ex. Keto diet, CBD oil, HIIT, whatever), because the truth is somewhere in between the crazies and the skeptics. Essential oils will not cure everything or solve every problem, paleeeease know that. They will, however, offer an alternative way to help you become your healthiest self and run your healthiest happiest home (if used safely and correctly). I have personally loved using them to help with sleep support, immune support, skin support, emotional and cognitive support, non-toxic home cleaning, and to just make my house smell good. They have been used around the world for centuries for many of these purposes, so they In short, essential oils are highly concentrated and effective chemical compounds extracted from plant material using methods such as steam distillation, CO2 extraction, or cold pressing methods. Trees, flowers, fruits, herbs, you name it. Each plant has different compounds in the forms of neurotransmitters, hormones and growth factors, and other phytochemicals that interact with the environment around them differently and therefore have different uses for our bodies.

It’s coming up on 2 years since I’ve been using essential oils. I’m a bit impulsive so I just started buying oils I found at TJ Maxx or Walmart, didn’t exactly love them but thought they were alright, and didn’t use them effectively or frequently until I was introduced to a certain company by my sister-in-law. Now, I will preface this and say there is not only one acceptable brand to use. But please do your research and don’t buy the crappy ones you find at the store even though they say they’re “100% natural” or “therapeutic” – these are so very often filled with synthetics, alcohols, and harmful mineral oils. I settled on Young Living because of their affordable and all-encompassing Premium Starter Kit and their commitment to the highest quality oils. This company owns a lot of the farms that they distill from, has organic, pesticide-free products that they ensure the highest quality of from start to finish in their “Seed to Seal” program, performs multiple third-party laboratory tests, and simply has the best smelling oils. Seriously, do what you want. There’s not one right answer for everybody. But read below if you’re wanting to learn more about the (probably best) way to get started.

The Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is the most common way that people get…well…started. And for good reason! For such high quality oils, it’s really a fair fair price. You get an awesome diffuser, 12 of the best oils (which we’ll talk about below), and several samples (like of the Thieves Household Cleaner; it’s all we use on our countertops and in our bathroom and we love how simple it is to have one product). The PSK also buys you a “membership” – this does not mean you have to buy a minimal amount of product per month or ever ever sell product. It just means that if you want to buy anything in the future, you will get that at wholesale pricing, which is a 24% discount, and that you have access to a great team and so many resources. The suggested retail value of the PSK is something like $350, but you get it for $165. Cool. So. Let’s run through this pretty little thing you can get coming yo way any day.

As I said, the kit comes with either the Desert Mist Diffuser (more light/color and timing options), or the Dewdrop Diffuser (super simple and clean looking). You can upgrade to a fancy schmancy beautiful Aria diffuser too if you’d like.

Next, let’s talk about the oils. It’s generally accepted that there are 3 ways to use essential oils: aromatically, topically, and internally. Aromatically means liiiike aromatherapy – diffusing oils, sniffing them straight from the bottle, using a reed diffuser in the bottle, etc. Topically means applying them to your skin and body – in a diluted ratio for some/most oils since they are so concentrated. Internally means ingesting them, often in a capsule form. Here’s where I want to be honest with you. I don’t feel 100% comfortable with this last option. I did use it last fall and winter a ton since I work in a germ-filled hospital, and to be fair, it worked super well. I only got sick once or twice despite being around the flu non-stop, and each bout lasted less than a day. So, yes…it works and kills germs and all that jazz. But I just personally think essential oils are too concentrated and strong too consume regularly as they can also kill good bacteria in your gut. Just my opinion! Below, I’ve divided the 12 oils that you get in the PSK into a couple different categories, but know that each oil has several different uses that can overlap.

skincare & sleep

Okay honestly, if I had to choose just two oils, it would be these two. Lavender and frankincense can be used for almost anything. They’re especially wonderful for adding into skincare products (diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, etc.), hair/eyelash growth, and to take care of any injury to the skin that has already occurred. But I just as often use both to fall asleep at night. My poor husband. Like I flail. It used to be terrible, but since using these, I sleep sooo much better. Still not perfect. But pretty dang good for the most part. And I’m a nicer human because of it.

home & cleaning

Thieves might be #3 on my list. I don’t know – I really love and like them all. But thieves is a blend of cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, clove, and rosemary. It’s an especially yummy scent to use during this fall and winter season coming up. I roll this on the bottoms of my feet, along my spine, or under my chin almost daily for immune support. I diffuse it at work and at home. I have ingested it in the past as I said. I use it to clean with all the time. It’s just a really strong dude. Then lemon is the happiest. It’s so fresh guys. Add lemon to any other oil and it just takes it up a notch. Also great for cleaning and degreasing and making your house feel super purified. Citrus fresh is similar! It’s a mixture of a couple citrus oils and spearmint, so it makes any room smell clean. I like to add several drops to my thieves cleaner to brighten it a bit. Everything in your home, from cleaning products to makeup to body care products to candles contain so many harmful chemicals that can mess with your hormones or cause headaches so these are just a few ways that you can switch to a healthier option.

good smells & emotional support

Yalllll….Valor. It smells incredibly yummy and rich and comforting and slightly sweet and woodsy and just perfect. Man. Valor has blue tansy in it so be careful where you apply it! As the name implies, Valor makes you feel grounded and courageous and just like you can take a deep breath of it and conquer any situation. Like tackling a challenging ski run or going into work when you’re just dreading it. Peace & calming smells a little more sweet and a little more hippie due to the patchouli. I’m not one yet but mamas love to diffuse this in their children’s rooms to help them chill out and rest! Then Stress Away is lime-y and vanilla-y and smells like you’re laying on a beach with a margarita in your hand. The cool part about this one is you can diffuse it day or night and feel more relaxed.

health & wellness

Lastly, we have some oils that are commonly used to help your bod feel it’s best. Digize is most often applied to the tummy area to combat feelings of nausea, bloating, and digestive distress. Some people like the smell but I do not but ya just suck it up. Raven is an excellent oil for respiratory support due to eucalyptus in it. I love to put a drop or two in a gob of coconut oil and rub it on my chest or throat when I feel congested, to make a steam party over a pot of hot water with a towel, or drop some in a bath. Panaway is known as a healthier alternative to Icy Hot and it truly does bring the coolest cooling sensation. I love this for massages, especially on my neck and trap areas after a hard workout. Then peppermint is pretty versatile! It’s good for energy and for soothing your head if you apply it on your temples or behind your ears and can also be diffused to bring a good clean feeling to your home.

Then to round it out, you get a Thieves Household Cleaner sample (which, when diluted appropriately will fill an entire spray bottle), a Thieves hand sanitizer, a packet of Ningxia red (an antioxidant drink based on the wolf berry or goji berry), and 2 roller bottle tops that be placed on the top of any of the 12 oils to apply topically.

So now, please read this next part. I know it sounds sale-sy. But it’s just a really good opportunity. $165 may seem like a large upfront commitment, but truly is not that much when you consider how much help and use you can get out of this kit. Hundreds of uses. 90 drops of effective oil in each bottle. As much education and support you can ask for to use them properly. PLUSSS if you choose to get your kit through the end of this month (September), you will get a free bar of Charcoal soap and a goodie bag from me. Plus plus……if you are interested in sharing already and have two other peeps you know who may be interested, you will get a freaking $90 bottle of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil for FREE – thick and dreamy and grounding and perfect for skincare, plus more than half of your PSK paid for. Unreal deal y’all.

Again, I want to share this world of essential oils by being honest and not too aggressive and giving my own personal accounts of how they have helped me without saying “they’re the savior of my life and can do anything!”. They’re so very useful as an addition to a healthy lifestyle of eating lots of nutrient-rich food, getting some exercise, being around loved ones and laughing, and spending some time in the sun with your barefoot feet in the grass. So yeah. Please ask any questions or express any interest below. Or email me at . I’m happy to help ya. My member ID# is 18529759 (when it asks if you were referred by somebody, you enter that number in the enroller and sponsor spots) and if you use that I truly appreciate it and would love to get chatting!

Enjoying Autumn in Telluride

I love September! We were lucky enough to have my mom visit us this past weekend so we packed up the car and drove to Telluride. The gang included myself, my husband, my little sister, and my mom. Fall is jusssst in the air there with a cool chilly breeze in the morning and evening but nice sunny days. Plus the Aspen leaves were just starting to turn yellow! I truly hope that every human gets to experience being surrounded by canopies of golden leaves. It’s magic. Hokay! So, here is what we did:

Day 1

Telluride is a good 6 hour haul from Colorado Springs so by the time we got there, we were tired of sitting down and wanted some fresh air but didn’t have too much time to do anything crazy. The place we stayed at was a block walk from the (free!) gondola, so we rode that up the ski mountain to enjoy the views. Afterwards, we walked around downtown, enjoyed a gorgeous red-hued sunset, and went out to dinner at a delicious Thai restaurant called Siam. I highly recommend the Tom Kha Gai soup and the drunken noodles. Noods.

Day 2

This was all about a challenging hike. Keep in mind, my mother lives a sea level, is a certain age I will not disclose, and still crushed it up to 12,400 feet and over 8.5 miles! She was definitely feeling the altitude and oxygen deprivation and had to take many a break, but I’m so so so glad she got to witness the beauty of Ice Lake and Island Lake. To be fair, she’s a little crazy anyways so we weren’t sure if she was encephalopathic, if she had snuck in a “special” brownie, or if she was just her usual self. The weather got cold and windy at the top and there were even a few snowflakes, but there were brief periods of time that the sun shone on the lake, I’m not sure everybody enjoys the 4WD drive long along Ophir Pass as much as my husband and I do. Its a very narrow 4WD shelf road over a mountain pass with scree field on one side and cliff aka tumbling to your death on the other side with a hairpin turn added in there for funsies. But we survived! If you look closely at the picture on the right, you can see a tiny speck of a white truck.

The hike up to the lakes is almost as good as the destination. It’s just the most perfect little valley with huge rocks and water features thrown in. There was a lovely golden ochre undertone in the vegetation that made it feel very much like autumn.

So now I’m going to shut up and just let y’all appreciate this.

I mean….what??? God creates some BEAUTIFUL THINGS YALL. I chose not to filter or adjust color on these photos at all because the real deal speaks for itself. But also nothing can do it justice and its 7598475x more stunning in person and can bring you to tears.

Day 3

Some of our members were pretty dang sore so on day 3, we compromised and did half of an active day in the morning, and half of a chill day in the afternoon.

After driving up to Bridalveil Falls, these two adventurous fools and I tackled the Via Ferrata, a traversing route spanning the Box Canyon with views of Bridalveil Falls and Telluride 500′ beneath us while we were suspended on iron rungs by a harness! I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again and I know I’m safe, but this still gets my heart pumping. Especially when a nice gust of wind hits ya.

Then in the afternoon and evening, after watching football on the couch for a hot minute, we ventured around the shops of downtown, including an apothecary (which made my hippie heart swoon), a coffee shop, and a brewery.

The fourth day was just driving home and hating ugly views of the San Juan range on the way. Not tooooo shabby my friend.

Goodwill finds for fall fashion

There are so many reasons why thrift shopping is the best. It’s super affordable, you can find lots of unique items that you otherwise wouldn’t, there are always tons of go-to basic pieces as well, and it’s more environmentally responsible by re-using perfectly fine items and saving on production and shipping resources.

I’m trying to “Marie Kondo” my wardrobe and have a lot of versatile comfortable pieces that I can mix around with fewer unique statement pieces. It’s been a process and I’m not fully done, but it’s making me appreciate what I have more and reduce my wardrobe to a more manageable size! We happen to have an amazing Goodwill here in Colorado Springs and I check back at the start of each season to search for some goodies. Fall is on the way, so here’s what I’m looking forward to wearing…all found at Goodwill.

Gap cream t-shirt $3, Target leopard skirt $6

Fall in Colorado still means the days can be upwards of 80 degrees, so I still like to have some warmer weather gear. Plus I’ve been loving anything rust/sienna/ochre colored.

Converse All Stars $8, Brown lined shoes $7

I was able to find some perfectly-fitting white Converse which I think look great with these distressed black jeans, a graphic tee, and a taupe moto jacket as a more casual look.

Converse $8, black American Eagle jeans $8, graphic tee $2, moto jacket $6

Then swap that moto jacket out for a cream cardigan and you have such a comfy outfit.

Old Navy open front beige cardigan $5

Can you even wear clothes in the fall if it isn’t flannel?! What about a flannel dress that you can throw black leggings under? Perfect.

Flannel dress $5, black leggings $3, brown shoes $7

Then, we have the perfect pair of jeans. These are J.Crew and in a size much smaller than what I am but they were calling my name so I tried them on and am so happy I did. Perfect color and style to go with anything. Like this brand new (with tags on! originally $50) Loft black sweater shirt or a simple waffle long sleeve

J. Crew jeans $8, Loft black shirt $8
Long sleeve cream waffle shirt $5

Aaaand last but not least I found this coooolio tribal patterned wrap that just screamed cozy fall blanket and can be dressed up or down.

Tribal wrap $5

I truly know approximately only 17% percent about fashion, but I do know this: all these clothes are comfortable, fit well, are of good quality, are affordable, and give second life to a piece of clothing. I don’t thrift for absolutely everything, but it’s so nice to be able to re-use items rather than buy new ones all the time.

What’s been your best Goodwill SCORE so far!?

Before you “fitness”, do these 6 things

As a human who also loves all things fitness, I’ve spent my fair share of time perusing Instagram for ideas and inspiration. As a physical therapist though, this can make me cringe. Anybody can post about anything these days and act like they’re an expert. I’ve even shared a few things that I look back at and wonder whyyy exactly (because I wasn’t spreading the best info). Basically, a lot of people have poor form and are adding weight and speed and power onto this poor form and are using it to motivate others. SO, if you’re new to this whole “fitness” thing that has been around forever but seems to have spread like wildfire over the past 3-5 years, please take the time to ensure you can complete these 6 tasks first. THEN go from there and progress as able and wise. In order to prevent injury and start with good form from the get-go, you’re going to want to have some prerequisite mobility and activation patterns down.

learn to breathe

Breathing is life and movement. It can either enhance everything we do or (if we don’t pay attention to it) can hinder our optimal performance or pain control. Breathing and airflow also affects your nervous system and can either drive an increase in your sympathetic nervous system to fully oxygenate muscles or can encourage an increase in your parasympathetic nervous system when the intensity is over and your body needs to chill out. I encourage everybody to look into diaphragmatic breathing as this also improves alignment and stability in your entire thorax and up and down the chain to your spine, shoulders, pelvis, and hips. To put simply, diaphragmatic breathing looks like letting that belly rise and fall while not letting your ribs flare or your shoulders rise. Use one hand on the stomach and one on the chest for some feedback. There are tons of other cool and important breathing techniques, but start here!

get in a squat

This continues to be a work in progress for me since I added too much weight too quickly with poor form in my squat. So be smarter than me and start out with proper mechanics! Your goal is to be able to squat down to parallel (or even lower) without hunching and rounding too much through the chest and shoulders or letting your knees cave in and your feet drop. Focus on screwing your feet outwards and into the ground, keeping those knees pushing out, and keeping your trunk upright. Slow and controlled.

move your shoulders and shoulder blades

Before you overhead press or do any pulling motions, it’s important to have healthy shoulders. Work on moving your scapula (shoulder blades) separate from your spine and shoulders, your glenohumeral joint (the shoulder joint) separate from your spine and scapula, and then combining it all and working them smoothly together. A good drill is to move your shoulder blades up then pinch them down into your back pocket; next, round them forwards then squeeze them back together. For the shoulder joint, use your other arm to hold your trunk steady so you don’t rotate and open out to the side then work on raising your arm to the ceiling with your palm facing in, then rotate that palm outwards with your thumb down as your arm moves downwards behind you. Try not to arch through your back to compensate.

segmentally move your spine

I love me some cat-cow pose in yoga; it feels so good! Cat is when you tuck your tailbone under, round your midback up towards the ceiling, and tuck your chin and neck. Cow is when you stick your booty up in the air, arch your back, and lift that head. You can do it all in one motion but it’s even better if you work segment by segment, starting from the top or bottom and moving like a wave as slow and controlled as possible.

master the hip hinge pattern

The hip hinge, found in the deadlift and other hamstring/glute dominant exercises, is different that the squat. Rather than flexing your knees and hips as you lower (pic2), your knees are staying relatively stiff (though not completely straight), as you bend at your hips and stick your butt back (pic5–good form). Also try not to round or arch your back (pic3,pic4) as this can strain your lower back quite a bit (unless you’re more experienced and working on a Jefferson curl; there can be a time and place for that, but if you’re just starting out, use this hip hinge pattern). As you stand back up (pic1), move your trunk upwards as you squeeze your glutes and extend your hips.

turn on your core in multiple planes

Your core includes your typical front abdominal muscles, but also your diaphragm (that breathing muscle above) and pelvic floor muscles, your obliques, the corset that underlies it all (the transversus abdominis), and your large erector and smaller multifidus muscles along your back. It’s important to work each of these through repetitive motions and through sustained/endurance type exercises. The plank shown above is so good for overall stability, the side plank targets your obliques more, and the birddog – where you’re lifting your opposite arm and leg but keeping your spine in a neutral position – is excellent for those muscles along the back and for rotational stability.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. There are tons of important mobility drills and muscle activation drills you can and should be working on. And note that these are always a work in progress and can always be improved upon. Also, remember that once you progress, there are motions that look “bad” or injurious but if you have control over them and train them in a smart fashion, they are not harmful. That’s for down the line though. But start here and you’ll be better off than going into that crazy ‘fitness’ world blind.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Houseplant Tour


Why on earth did I wait 27 years of my life before I decided to take care of these beautiful little guys?! What started as a “I’m sorry, I love you” gift of a small succulent from the now husband has morphed into a strong obsession. Now I want them all…every variety…every size…every color. BUT I have to now kind of sort settling with what I have because we’re running out of space in our little home! Here are why plants are the best:

  • plants reduce stress and boost your mood
  • plants improve concentration and memory
  • plants clean your air from toxins and pollutants
  • plants emit oxygen and can regulate humidity, improving sleep quality
  • plants make your house look really pretty and happy

Now that we’ve established that, let’s admire the beauty that is my houseplant collection:

Starting with the living room. This is our brightest room and has a east facing window so this is where the majority of our plants live. On our wooden dresser from left to right we have a small monstera, a big ZZ plant, a baby ZZ plant (I propagated mama into baby by the division method), a prayer plant that I water propagated from a bigger one, and a Chinese coin plant. Just to the left of the dresser is this Mass Cane tree my husband picked out.

Directly across the living room I have a huuuuge Marble Queen pothos plant which I love. Give me all the trailing vines.

Now, when you first open the door, you see my big Snake plant, a cool succulent type plant called a string of pearls, and my big mama gorgeous Monstera deliciosa. Have you seen leaves so beautiful? Hand shown for size reference.

And then just right of the front door is a sunny window sill where I keep the various succulents and cacti (including the big guy in the middle terracotta pot which is a Flapjack succulent), the mama prayer plant (Maranta) that I started out with and am hugging above, and a rubber plant. We’re done with the living room!

Next, in the dining room, which doesn’t get a lot of sun at all, I have a smaller snake plant, a cute little satin pothos, and another pothos that is struggle-busing (I just repotted him last week and am hoping for a turn-around!) Oh, and some fresh eucalyptus varieties from Trader Joe’s because that’s fun and I love how it looks when it dries too. My wedding bouquet was made up of mostly eucalyptus!

These next plant dudes in the kitchen are fresh basil that we use for cooking and drink-mixing all the time, and the plants that I’m currently propagating — a wandering Jew and Maranta prayer plant in the science tubes, some pothos from my big trailing one, and some beautiful Monstera leaves that I’m crossing my fingers for.

Lastly is the bathroom! Here we have a peace lily that hates me (seriously, I thought they were supposed to be easy to take care of buttttt…), a prayer plant baby that I propagated, and a really intricate-leafed pin-striped Calathea variety.

As for the bedroom, it gets next to no light so it’s just not the best idea. Sometimes I’ll bring the ZZ plant or the small snake plant in there to spice it up since those plants don’t need a ton of sun but usually this is a plant-free room sadly.

Ok sooooo. I know. I’m sorry I’m so obsessed. But actually I’m not because they give me a lot of joy. Who else has hopped on that houseplant train lately and not looked back?!

Our Favorite Colorado Summer Trips

Living in Colorado for the past three years has been an absolute dream. It’s a constant feast for the eyes and playground and worship service all at once. The possibilities are actually endless.

Although some people are saying “fall is in the air” (I get it. Kind of. I’m just not ready yet.), I’m saying pop one of these getaways into your schedule over the next few weeks or plan them in advance for next year. We can still have summer on our mind for a little while longer! These three trips/activities have been our go-to’s time and again, so if you’re able to do them, you won’t be disappointed!

Wildflower viewing in Crested Butte

The state flower (purple and white) is the Columbine. The other stalk-like purple one is the lupine. The yellow ones are called Aspen sunflowers. The white bouquet-like one is a cow parsnip. The reddish orange (one of my favorites) is the Indian paintbrush. This is just a fraction of what you will come across. Imagine frolicking up valleys and along ridgelines with every turn bringing a different display of color and the Sound of Music soundtrack playing. The.hills.are.alive.son. I mean have you ever seen anything so pretty? It makes my face excited like this:

Our favorite trails to enjoy the wildflowers are:

Rustler’s Gulch Trail: We hit this up at the end of the July and due to the crazy moisture this spring, we saw species of flowers we’d never come across!

Snodgrass Trail: This is very very accessible from town and is also fun to mountain bike on.

Baxter Gulch Trail: This is a ridge hike so you can see town and Mt. Crested Butte along the way. The best for yellow flowers!

As an aside, Crested Butte is the most adorable mountain town ever and offers some bomb food. Go to Secret Stash pizza and get the Woodward without egg. Our second favorite option is Bonez for their deliciously strong margaritas and make-it-in-front-of-you guac. I’m not much of a drinker so just one of these makes my quads go like jello.

Hiking to high alpine lakes

So there’s this magic thing that happens in some areas of Colorado (and from what I’ve seen, Canada…and Argentina…etc…bucket list…) where the lakes are so freeeeaking blue and gorgeous that no filter is needed. The water in these lakes is actually glacial melt that feeds in during the spring and summer. The fine rock and sediment material floats at the top of the lake rather than sinking down, allowing the sun to reflect off this and make turquoise food coloring. Check it!

The good news is, these hikes are not as hard as 14’ers, so they’re pretty accessible. Expect 8-10 miles and a decent climb of a couple thousand feet, but not too high of an altitude. If you’re lucky, the skies will be clear and the sun will hit that water and light it up to where you have to blink excessively to determine if it’s real. Hop in the water if you have time! Quite refreshing.

Ice Lake and Island Lake outside of Ouray/Silverton are a 2-for-1

Blue Lake outside of Ouray/Telluride has 3 lakes but I’d say the first one is the prettiest

Channel the Wild West in Telluride

Man this place just makes you feel like you are at the edge of the world. I know you’re not. But there’s something about the remoteness and remnants of its mining history that makes you feel like you’re in the Wild West. This summer we learned that Butch Cassidy’s first bank robbery occurred here, yippee! There are numerous music festivals that take place here yearly and heading to the Bluegrass Festival sometime is on our list! Regardless, roll the windows down and crank some of that twang on your way to the trailhead. Here are some favorite activities we’ve done there:

Sneffels Highline Trail: The trailhead starts right from town so it’s easy peasy to get to. This is a pretty long and challenging hike but the views are spectacular.

Via Ferrata: This is less of a hike and more like the coolest/weirdest thing ever. For part of the 3 mile trail you’re just walking sideways along a thin but sturdy cliffside. For other parts, you’re harnessed in and traversing along on very exposed areas relying on small iron footholds. Wear a helmet and be safe! It’s honestly not as scary or skill-dependent as it looks and is totally worth it.

Wilson Peak: This stunning 14,023′ mountain is the inspiration for the Coors can. It’s so 3D! So pointy! So picturesque. The climb to the top is a haul but such a fun scrambly adventure. Not for the faint of heart or clumsy of ankle. And you must enjoy one of said beverages at the top with a friend.

Telluride Gondola: If all that seems a little too intense, a really good option is to take the free gondola from downtown Telluride up to the ski resort and have a walk-about up there. The 360* views are gorgeous, limited mobility is required, and dogs are allowed on the gondola!

That’s about it for now. Get your butt out here. Hope this inspired you.