Houseplant Tour


Why on earth did I wait 27 years of my life before I decided to take care of these beautiful little guys?! What started as a “I’m sorry, I love you” gift of a small succulent from the now husband has morphed into a strong obsession. Now I want them all…every variety…every size…every color. BUT I have to now kind of sort settling with what I have because we’re running out of space in our little home! Here are why plants are the best:

  • plants reduce stress and boost your mood
  • plants improve concentration and memory
  • plants clean your air from toxins and pollutants
  • plants emit oxygen and can regulate humidity, improving sleep quality
  • plants make your house look really pretty and happy

Now that we’ve established that, let’s admire the beauty that is my houseplant collection:

Starting with the living room. This is our brightest room and has a east facing window so this is where the majority of our plants live. On our wooden dresser from left to right we have a small monstera, a big ZZ plant, a baby ZZ plant (I propagated mama into baby by the division method), a prayer plant that I water propagated from a bigger one, and a Chinese coin plant. Just to the left of the dresser is this Mass Cane tree my husband picked out.

Directly across the living room I have a huuuuge Marble Queen pothos plant which I love. Give me all the trailing vines.

Now, when you first open the door, you see my big Snake plant, a cool succulent type plant called a string of pearls, and my big mama gorgeous Monstera deliciosa. Have you seen leaves so beautiful? Hand shown for size reference.

And then just right of the front door is a sunny window sill where I keep the various succulents and cacti (including the big guy in the middle terracotta pot which is a Flapjack succulent), the mama prayer plant (Maranta) that I started out with and am hugging above, and a rubber plant. We’re done with the living room!

Next, in the dining room, which doesn’t get a lot of sun at all, I have a smaller snake plant, a cute little satin pothos, and another pothos that is struggle-busing (I just repotted him last week and am hoping for a turn-around!) Oh, and some fresh eucalyptus varieties from Trader Joe’s because that’s fun and I love how it looks when it dries too. My wedding bouquet was made up of mostly eucalyptus!

These next plant dudes in the kitchen are fresh basil that we use for cooking and drink-mixing all the time, and the plants that I’m currently propagating — a wandering Jew and Maranta prayer plant in the science tubes, some pothos from my big trailing one, and some beautiful Monstera leaves that I’m crossing my fingers for.

Lastly is the bathroom! Here we have a peace lily that hates me (seriously, I thought they were supposed to be easy to take care of buttttt…), a prayer plant baby that I propagated, and a really intricate-leafed pin-striped Calathea variety.

As for the bedroom, it gets next to no light so it’s just not the best idea. Sometimes I’ll bring the ZZ plant or the small snake plant in there to spice it up since those plants don’t need a ton of sun but usually this is a plant-free room sadly.

Ok sooooo. I know. I’m sorry I’m so obsessed. But actually I’m not because they give me a lot of joy. Who else has hopped on that houseplant train lately and not looked back?!